Please note: Students will need to bring their own laptops, digital cameras and video editing software

Day 1 | 8th April, 2015
Venue: RMIT, Melbourne

• Co-Directors will re-present the brief and also the sites for investigation.
• Co-Directors will present the methodology of the workshop.
Taking cue from Henri Lefebvre’s The Production of Space, students will be asked to research and document the sites:
– as perceived (on site documentation through video and drawing of the characteristics of the space, its fabric, its sense of scale and its material and light qualities. Students will document a promenade through the site.)
– as lived in (talking to the users of the spaces, identifying the type of use of the space as hinted at through furniture and building materials)
– as conceived (studio based work when students will extract documented information about the site and re-imagine the site in terms of theoretical notions of heritage, spaces of production, regeneration so that it begins to be depicted as an artefact of these processes. Co-Directors will also present the notion of ephemeral architecture

An afternoon of lectures by invited practitioners and academics that will look into the following topics:
• Strategies in geotoursim in Australian mining towns
• The link between Australian films made in the 1970s and Broken Hill
• Cottage industry and a current regeneration proposal taking place within Broken Hill
• Practises in imaging the landscape
• Geopolitics and design principles

Day 2 | 9th April, 2015
RMIT, Melbourne

• Students will give a short pitch of their ideas in response to the brief. They will then take this into a workshop in video making/editing techniques and methods of drawings and image making as led by both Media and Communications and Landscape Architecture tutors.

*Students are to have their own digital camera, laptop and editing software.

Day 3 | 10th of April | Travel day
The workshop group  will journey to Broken Hill. The group will travel by train from Melbourne South Cross to Mildura then travel from Mildura to Broken Hill by chartered coach.

Day 4 – 11| 11th April -18th April
Venue: Broken Hill Artist Exchange Studios & residency
Broken Hill, NSW

Students will both stay and work from the studios of Broken Hill Artist Exchange in Broken Hill, a non-profit organisation that creates linkages between art practitioners and local businesses.
During these days of intensive field and studio work, we will continue with the established methodology,  research the Broken Hill landscape true to its heritage, environmental and socio-economic conditions, and to propose a series of events that look to transform the use and perception of Broken hill’s spaces with the view of understanding the complex relationship between regeneration and preservation within  a tourism strategy.

Day 12 | 19th of April

Broken Hill Arts Exchange Studios, NSW

Final Day Forum
The studio will culminate in a forum where students will present their projects in groups to an invited panel of guests that includes the Mayor of Broken Hill, council members and local business representatives.

Day 13 | 20th of April

The workshop group will journey back to Melbourne. The group will travel from Broken Hill to Mildura by coach and then travel by train from Mildura to Melbourne South Cross.